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Family Renewal Initiative Needs You!

FRI’s purpose is to identify families in crisis prior to possible intervention of Child Protective Services. We assist these families by voluntarily hosting their children, without loss of custody, for the duration of the crisis and/or providing the support they need while they resolve their crisis. We depend on a volunteers serving in various roles to accomplish our mission and bring hope and renewal to the families we serve.

There are many ways to volunteer…

Host Families – provide a safe, nurturing home for children

Family Coaches – coordinate hosting and provide guidance and support

Family Support Friends – come alongside families in crisis and provide practical needs

Partner Churches – provide financial support, ministry guidance, and unite together to serve Christ by serving the most vulnerable in our community

In Crisis? Family Renewal Initiative Can Help!

If you are a parent in need, concerned about Child Protective Services intervening in your situation, Family Renewal Initiative may be able to help. We have host families available for children, as well as family coaches, and family support friends to assist with practical needs.

How do I get help?

Click the button below to get an overview of the process and learn how it works. Our FAQ page provides answers to specific questions we are frequently asked. If your situation is urgent, please call us immediately at: (304) 620-2788. .

Family Renewal Initiative always treats your personal information and our correspondence as confidential.

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